Eletromech ECS is a UK company providing technology products and solutions in key areas including Cybersecurity and have expanded their work into Singapore a few years ago.

Setting up a business in UK is only one step, and there are other opportunities expanding overseas, especially to a city like Singapore. We caught up with them recently, to hear their perspectives on how expanding their work into Singapore has been viable for them.

Q: What are some of the work you do in Singapore?

A : Electromech ECS has worked in Singapore supplying and refurbishing technology products for SMRT.  SMRT is Singapore’s Mass Rapid transport operator.

Currently Electromech ECS through local partners, who have doing business in Singapore in similar areas, has been expanding the awareness of Drone Tracking, and Detection technology. We have organised webinars and awareness focussed discussions with Singapore organisations. This is a particularly hot technology as there have been several well reported Drone incursion incidents within the borders of Singapore. It is also important to note that this particular technology is well suited to urban environments such as that found in Singapore. Electromech ECS are confident that our ongoing efforts in this field are both elevating the discussion, and opening up opportunities for our own technology and others within the Singapore Drone Technology sector. There are companies setting up business in Singapore in similar sectors and there will be opportunities to work with them.

Q : How do you set about working with Singapore on projects?

A : Collaboration with local Value Added Partners and Technology Integrators already based in Singapore, some of whom we are also working with in other Countries in the region. They have been doing business in Singapore for sometime and also tap on the region.

Q: Why is working in Singapore viable for you? 

A: Singapore is a leader in innovation, the standard of education and technological knowledge is very high. Singapore understands quality and capability and wants ‘best of breed products’ to be used in their Country. This also brings additional opportunities as a result of others in the region looking to Singapore as a benchmark for Innovation and Technology. Our partners tell us that setting up a business in Singapore, and doing business in Singapore is a seamless process.

Q: Any other comments about doing work between the UK and Singapore?

A : Singapore is very easy to do business with regards to language and culture. Setting up a business in Singapore, and doing business in Singapore is a smooth experience. Electromech ECS has a long history working in South East Asia and have found Singapore ideally placed geographically as a major hub for the region. Excellent communications, conference facilities, hotels, and ease of access have helped us with collaborative partnerships where we have been able to share knowledge, technology, and experience, and do business with organisations who have locations both in Singapore and other parts of South East Asia.

We thank Dave Parker and Robert Cottingham of Eletromech ECS for the insights, which have been reproduced with permission. The copyright for this post subsists with UKSGBridge Limited, and parts or the whole of this post may be reproduced with permission from UKSGBridge Limited. 

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