UKSGBridge launched on the 10th of November 2020. UKSGBridge was created to assist and support companies that are looking to conduct business between the UK and Singapore. 

The UK and Singapore have a long history of trade, culture and influence. With the relationship between the two countries stronger than ever, businesses on both sides stand to gain.  

With this in mind, UKSGBridge aims to further secure international ties and to make doing business across the two nations as easy as possible. By working with qualified companies and also government organisations on both sides, UKSGBridge aims to be a catalyst for continued trade.


UKSGBridge looks to create a network of individuals and companies from both the UK & Singapore. We work with government institutions to provide members with informative content and resources to keep all members updated with the latest news, laws, regulation changes and updates that businesses need to be aware of when looking to start to do business in either country. You can check out our blog here.


Through our contacts and partnerships in the UK and Singapore, UKSGBridge holds events in order for companies to get further connected and identify potential business and fundraising opportunities. 

Business Services

We work closely with strategic partners in both the UK and Singapore to help connect UKSGBridge members to individuals and organisations that will assist them in a successful international expansion. Companies can explore our business services or reach out to us if there are any additional services they require. 


Collaborating with existing accelerators, incubators and strategic partners, we aim to connect businesses with the right organisations for them to hit the ground running.

Founding Members

The founders of UKSGBridge being entrepreneurs themselves understand first hand the challenges and support that is required in order to complete a successful international expansion. With a presence in Singapore and the UK, help is not far away. Contact us here or send across an email to

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