Looking forward to 2021 may be an exercise in hope and trepidation for many of us, given how the past year has been for us all. We hope to support with 3 quick tips :

Seize the opportunities

Crisis often present the best opportunities. Challenges notwithstanding, crisis is often the best time to explore new market opportunities, try something new, tap on a market or cross-market requirement.

Refine your drawer of contingency plans

This is also the best time to refine your contingency plans, test out some in your drawer, plan out new ones. It is a scary time, but when pushed out of our comfort zones we humans and businesses have a wonderful way of adapting, inventing and innovating. For some of us this has been the best time to test out our innovation plans, or drawer of comms and marketing tools, and tap on networks we had not leveraged on prior to this year.

Method in the madness

If all else fails, there will be a path in this chaos. Not to be philosophical, but sometimes letting go of control a bit to see what new patters emerge that help you and your business is what is going to get you through the next half a decade at least. We’ll say ‘embrace the adventure’.
A very happy new year, one of hope to say the least.
This post has been written by Karthikayini Senthilkumaran, Co-Founder and UK Lead for EkkBaz Pte Ltd, on a voluntary basis for UKSGBridge Limited, and represents her views only. The copyright for this post subsists with UKSGBridge Limited, and parts or the whole of this post may be reproduced with permission from UKSGBridge Limited.
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