UKSG Bridge is working to bring some restaurants, cafes and brands that make delicious Asian delicacies.

As you may know Singapore is the melting pot of different cuisines, with very high quality ingredients, at affordable prices, clean outlet outlay and friendly staff. We’ve shortlisted a few below that would be a sure sell in different parts of the UK:

  • East Asian delicacies, often a fusion across cuisines e.g. chilli crab, dim sums, Malay-Chinese dishes
  • South Asian vegetarian and vegan options e.g. light and tasty Indian vegetarian light
  • South East Asian food e.g. Indonesian infused with spices, Thai-fusion

The dishes are often often complemented with fruity desserts, Asian beer, and fusion cocktails..think Singapore Sling or Singapore’s own version of bubble tea (curious?)

Would you be interested to try these cuisines and support the F&B space?

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